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Monday, February 7, 2011

Those Days Are Over

I have a sister who's in high school. She thinks I'm really old. As in: "You're turning THIRTY?!?!? Whoah!!!"
Yes, I, too, used to think 30 was ancient. And perhaps I was right, as I am now considering an anti-aging lotion for my face. The crows feet will be appearing any day now...if they haven't already. I'm not sure because I'm afraid to check it out. It may be depressing.
And to think...I used to long for the days when people would look at me and realize I was a grown up.
Like when I was expecting my first child and some old lady walked right up to me and proceeded to scold me for being a young, unwed mother. I guess she missed the WEDDING RING on my left hand.
Or that time--my first day of school as a teacher--when the lunch ladies thought I was a student and wouldn't let me go through the teacher line. This was not in a high school, either. I taught junior high. It was my first year out of college, so I was certainly young, but they thought I looked like a 12 year old?!
Those days are over now. No one will ever mistake me for a 12 year old again. But I'm ok with that. My husband says I look better than I ever have (crows feet and all), so who cares what anyone else thinks?
P.S. If anybody out there knows of a good age-fighting facial product, share your secrets!

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