Our two child things (5 and 2) are currently in Hawaii, but we are a military family, and we live where the Army tells us. This blog is designed to keep us in touch with our family and the friends we have made along the way, to offer insight into our turbulent military lifestyle, and to share our experiences as we try out "homing school." So glad you stopped by!

Monday, June 28, 2010

365 Nights Alone

There is no feeling more dreadful than watching your husband board a bus that will take him to war. There is no sound more heart-wrenching than the quiver in his voice when he tells your children goodbye. And there are no tears that fall harder than those that you shed when you crawl into your empty bed on the first of 365 nights alone.

Saturday, June 26, 2010

I Can Say Hello

This video is horrible quality! Even so, maybe you can make out an adorable little four year old wearing a blue dress "singing" in her very first VBS choir performance. I use quotations because I don't think I saw her mouth move at all during the song, but at least she had the hand motions down pretty well. That's the important part, right?

Step, step, plop!

It has been almost 2 month since the younger child thing took his first steps, and I finally got a video of him walking. Although he took his first steps pretty early (around 10 months), he hasn't really made much progress until lately. He is finally starting to walk more often and take more steps in a row. His record is 7! He hasn't quite given up crawling yet; it is still his main mode of transportation.