Our two child things (5 and 2) are currently in Hawaii, but we are a military family, and we live where the Army tells us. This blog is designed to keep us in touch with our family and the friends we have made along the way, to offer insight into our turbulent military lifestyle, and to share our experiences as we try out "homing school." So glad you stopped by!

Thursday, August 20, 2009

Checkin' Out!

Three weeks in a tiny hotel room with two small children is TOO LONG! But the renovations on our house are finally done, and tomorrow is check out time! To celebrate the long-awaited day, I'd like to share with you some of the things that excite me about being out of a hotel and in a house again.

  • Having more than a microwave to prepare food.

  • Seperate bedrooms. That way, when Daddy wakes up at 5 a.m. to go to work, he doesn't also wake up a certain 3-year-old, who jumps on her bed and starts squealing about wanting Dora yogurt for breakfast. That, in turn, wakes up her little brother, who also starts squealing, but not in a good way. Gee, I'm sounding grumpy, aren't I? It's the sleep deprivation.

  • Organzing and decorating the new place. That's always fun.

  • Having two vehicles. The motorcycle will arrive in the delivery of our household goods.

  • Again posessing oodles and boodles and absurdly excessive amounts of playthings. I feel like a bad mother for allowing too much TV lately.
  • Putting together a nursery for Child Thing 2. Almost two months old, and he's never had his own room! :)

  • Being able to choose my own brand of toilet paper.

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Am I Becoming OCD?

Not long ago I was watching an episode of "John and Kate Plus 8." Yes, I watched the show. And enjoyed it. But I promise I never bought a tabloid reveling in their divorce...I only read them in line at the commissary. Anyway, the family was on vacation, and Kate would not let her kids walk bare footed in the hotel room. They spread a maze of towels out all over the place so they would not have to touch the floor. I thought, "Wow, she is really OCD." Come to think of it, that's not the only time I ever thought that while watching that show.

Well guess who is swallowing her words now? It's me. Since we arrived in Hawaii, we have been staying at a hotel. The first couple of days, I didn't think anything about walking bare footed. But then...a certain 3-year-old spilled some water on the carpet. I grabbed a white hotel towel to soak it up, and it came up looking like this:

Ewwwwwww!!!!! Never again will I go shoeless in a hotel. The photo doesn't do it justice, by the way. It looked much blacker in real life.

Monday, August 17, 2009

On the Bandwagon

So I jumped on the blogging bandwagon. I'm not sure what compelled me to do so, but perhaps it was our recent move, in which an airplane deposited my husband, my child things and myself several thousand miles away from home. Isn't there some sort of saying about the Internet making the world smaller? I'm hoping to use this page to stay in touch with loved ones back on the mainland.

Or maybe I started this blog because writing has always been one of my favorite ways to exersize my mind. I'm starting to wonder if motherhood kills brain cells. The biggest academic accomplishment I've made as of late is reading "Dora Saves the Snow Princess" 11 times in one day. Really.

Whatever the reasons, I intend to use this blog to write about my kiddos, my adventures in Hawaii, Army life, my forays into the crafting world, and whatever else may come up. And I hope it helps me to stay connected to you! :)