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Wednesday, February 23, 2011

My Little One is Learning

Child Thing #2 (shown here gobbling up a cupcake) is apparently experiencing the "language explosion" that is supposed to occur between 18 and 24 months. He is saying new words pretty much every day. My favorite of his new words is "night night." So sweet! When it's time for bed, he snuggles up against my chest and says it over and over again. :)

Some of his new words are not quite so tender, however. The other day, we were helping my mom feed her horses (the child things LOVE feeding the horses). The baby walked right up to a fresh pile of horse manure, pointed to it and said, "poop!"

We all laughed, and I decided that being a mom to a boy is definitely different than being a mom to a girl.

It's amazing to watch a child learn a language, isn't it? I'm proud of my baby every time he learns a new word, even if the word is "poop."

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Bag Blog said...

That's funny. It was always my girl that said things that rather surprised us.