Our two child things (5 and 2) are currently in Hawaii, but we are a military family, and we live where the Army tells us. This blog is designed to keep us in touch with our family and the friends we have made along the way, to offer insight into our turbulent military lifestyle, and to share our experiences as we try out "homing school." So glad you stopped by!

Wednesday, March 2, 2011


Spring has arrived in Texas! And isn't it beautiful! I must admit, I kinda missed Hawaii during the winter months, when I actually had to wear closed-toe shoes, but I am loving Texas' Spring so far. I'm going to follow my friend Amber's lead and come up with a list of things I'd like to do this spring. I'm much more likely to accomplish my goals if I record them...especially if I record them publicly so that people can chastise me if I fail.
1. Finish Child Thing #2's baby quilt. He's a year and a half old! What's taking me so long?
2. Take pictures of my kids in the beautiful Texas bluebonnets.
3. Drive the kids into Houston so that they can roll down the GIANT hill at Herman Park (have awesome memories of doing that myself).
4. Learn a little bit about cake decorating (in preparation for a certain birthday that's coming up in a few months).
5. Teach Child Thing #1 to swim. That's for later in the spring when it's a tad bit warmer.

Out of those five items, I'd say #1 is the least likely to get done. I have been setting deadlines for myself for two years to finish that quilt, and it hasn't happened yet. I am getting closer, though. There is hope! I'll let you know when/if I check anything off of my "spring bucket list."


Amber said...

Thanks for the shout out! And I was *just* thinking about that hill the other day and wondering if there was anyway we could fit in a trip there next time we're in Houston. I can't believe I never took my kids to that hill before!

Jessie said...

Hmm... maybe you should learn how to decorate cakes for a birthday that's coming up a little sooner...
say, maybe, in five days?

Bag Blog said...

I love TX in the spring time. We may be in the Houston area later in March. I am so looking forward to it.