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Sunday, March 13, 2011

Trying Not to Worry

Alright, I tried being positive and pointing out the fun part of Army life, but today I'm worrying again...so here is another angst-filled post from this Army wife.

You may remember that we just purchased some property, and we intend on making it our home eventually. One of the many reasons we chose this particular place is that it's in the best rural school district in the area. After we closed on the property, I, like any education-obsessed mother would do, browsed around on the school district's website, trying to picture my own children as students there.

While I was doing that, I came across one announcement that I thought was so cute and endearing. The yearbook staff was reminding parents of seniors to turn in baby pictures for the yearbook. If a picture was not submitted in time, the yearbook staff would use the senior's kindergarten picture.

Perhaps that announcement impacted me more than it would most people. That concept is so foreign to our family, though. My children will never attend kindergarten and 12th grade in the same school.
And when I realized that, the worrying began. What if it is very important to a child's development to put down roots and really let them grow? What if we are permanently damaging our children's psyches by moving them around all the time?

In my heart, I know that this isn't true. I have met lots of people who grew up in the military who are wonderful, wonderful people (I have met a few who are wacky, too). But I still worry that there is something my kids will miss out on. I'm just a worry-er, I guess. Especially when the one who keeps me balanced is on the other side of the globe. If I were talking to him right now instead of typing my worries, he would probably break out in song. "Don't worry about a thing. Cause every little thing is gonna be alright." He likes to sing me that song. Like I said, I'm a worry-er.

But...I can balance myself, too. Perhaps I should instead think about what my kids will experience that other kids will miss out on.


Bag Blog said...

I often wonder what makes some kids “make it” and others not. Every system has its failures as well as its successes. All you can do is raise your children in the admonition of the Lord and they will not depart from it. Your care and concern for your children is what will help them “make it.”

Amber said...

Well, they will miss out on something. But they'd also miss out on something if they were in the same school throughout their entire education. Just like my kids will be missing out on something by being homeschooled. But they'd also miss out on something by going to public school, or private school. But the flip side of that is that they'll gain things that other kids won't too. You just have to have faith that God has put YOUR family in the circumstances you're in, because that's part of His plan for YOUR family. He obviously doesn't have the same plan for MY family or THAT family... It's so hard not to question whether you're making the right decisions, but if you are following God's will, then there's no need for doubt. It will sneak in, because we're human, but trust that His plan for your family is PERFECT! :)

dhutch said...

Although we weren't military brats, as a child, I averaged two schools per year in elementary school. We moved A LOT! I never felt like I was missing out, but the strangest thing I recall was when I was in 7th grade and one of my girlfriends moved away FROM ME! Imagine that!

I was 12 when we moved that last time. We stuck where we were for the remainder of my childhood and I learned about life in the same place. Both are good ways to live. I always feel bad when I meet someone who has never traveled or see other states or countries. This is a priceless gift that you are giving your kids. Few gifts come with no price tag, but this tag is not very big. My song to you: "Don't worry. Be happy." :)