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Monday, September 7, 2009

Home sweet home

We have a home!! After more than two months in transition, we are finally in our new house and nearly unpacked. We opted for military housing, and our house is older, so it doesn't look like much from the outside. Lucky for us, it was refurbished right before we moved in, so the interior is decent. And you certainly can't complain about the views!

Even though it's not large, this place is definitely roomier than the rentals we viewed off post. Housing in Hawaii is tiny! And crammed so close together. It's a small island, after all. Here are some photos of our new home. This is the entryway:

If you turn to the left, you'll be in the living room/play room. I'd like to get a floor screen to divide the two areas even more.

If you turn to the right, you will see a big box, a half bath and the laundry room.

Down the hall is the kitchen. Unfortunately, when the refurbished the house, they didn't get to those lovely cabinets.

And beyond the kitchen is a pretty good sized dining room.

My goodness, how many boxes of kitchen items can one possibly own? It reminds me of my Grandmother, who likes to joke that her philosophy in life is "She who dies with the most dishes wins." Or maybe she's not joking, I don't know. :P

The upstairs is still pretty chaotic. I'd be embarrassed to show you pictures, so we'll save that for another day, shall we? It has never taken me this long to unpack before. Having two child things around the house sure slows down the moving in process.

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Steve, Amanda, Kyle & Owen said...

Wow Girl! I am impressed! You have gotten so much accomplished in so little time and with two little ones and your traumatizing visit to the ER!!! Talk about one determined MOM. We sure do miss you guys! Lots of love.