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Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Farewell, Dear Friend!

Child Thing #2 went for his 2 month check-up this week, and after talking to the doctor, I have some major changes to make. We suspect that he may have a milk protein allergy because of some...worrisome diapers. Out of courtesy to my readers, I won't elaborate.

There are a number of things that could be causing the problem, but I think the milk allergy is the one that fits the best (though he is gaining weight nicely and acting happy and alert). We won't know for sure if he has the allergy until all dairy products are eliminated from his system. That means I have to put him on a soy based formula, or, if I want to continue to breastfeed, I have to go on a dairy-free diet myself. I'd really prefer not to give him formula yet, so I am bidding farewell to my dear friend ice cream, who has always been my weakness.

Today is the second day of my new diet, and so far, it has not been easy, even for someone who dislikes milk. No cheese, no butter (nothing cooked with butter), no ice cream... I wonder how soy milk tastes?

The other news from the check-up is that my baby is not nearly as big as I thought he was. He weighed in at 12.5 lbs, which I thought sounded HUGE for a two-month-old. Apparently not; his weight is in the 55th percentile. He is certainly larger than his sister was at this age, though.

How can a baby who looks so healthy and happy be sick? Perhaps the dairy-free diet is all for naught. At the very least, the lack of ice cream will help me kick those pregnancy pounds that are still hanging on. I can hope!


aggieonboard said...

We went through the EXACT same thing, even the part about him being happy and gaining. Two pedis tried to get me to switch to formula permanently and immediately but I balked, so they said to bring him in after the next 'bad' diaper, or go to the ER if it was after hours. The ER doc saw right away what the problem was: anal fissures. Extremely common in bf babies, and they are hard to spot because they heal quickly (in a matter of hours). She also told us happy, fat babies don't have the allergy.

I hope yours is that simple. I followed the diet for a few days and it SUCKED.

Steve, Amanda, Kyle & Owen said...

That is stinky...the SILK Vanilla soy milk isn't so bad. Honestly, we like to mix it with the Organic Oregan CHIA tea(you can get it in the commissary in the wheat free section, usually). The good news is you can still use EVOO to cook with and it is healthier and well...though ice cream is out, there is always sherbert or sorbet. One doesn't have dairy, I don't remember which though. They also have ice cream made with soy too for those who have dairy allergies. Maybe the commissary will carry them. I will keep my fingers crossed. That would be a tough thing for me too! Best of luck and I hope little Thomas' issue clears up.