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Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Things a Military Spouse has to Put up With #2

The pet name Scott has chosen for me is one that would only be acceptable to a military spouse: Household 6. Those of who who are fortunate enough to be called "honey," "darling" or maybe "punkin" by your significant other may be wondering what in the world a household 6 is. Let me explain.
Basically, it means "the boss." In a company of soldiers, the commander (the one in charge) is called the company 6. So, I guess the one in charge of the house is called the household 6. It's not the most romantic nickname to give your wife, but I suppose it works. And many other Army wives have been dubbed the same, I'm sure.
If Scott gets invited to a night out with the boys is response is always, "Let me check with household 6." So I suppose it is a decent term-of-endearment; it is used out of love and respect.
But let me ask you this: if I'm the boss in these parts, why must I tell a certain 3-year-old to brush her teeth 36 times before she complies? And why must I request that clothes not be thrown on the floor beside the bed every single night? No, a soldier wouldn't dare ignore his commander's orders the way my troops blatantly ignore me.
I'm in charge, alright. In charge of laundry. In charge of dirty diapers. In charge of the dirt that seems to follow a pair of size 10.5 combat boots into the house.
Now don't let me complain about my husband too much. He really is a big help around the house. Unless the chore has anything to do with poop, of course.

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