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Monday, June 6, 2011

My favorite movies

Alright, so this month Seven on the Seventh is totally going to expose me as a sappy, emotional, romantic girly girl. For June, we are listing our 7 favorite movies, and I happen to like sappy, emotional, romantic, girly movies. But they have to be kinda funny. Not sappy and emotional like The Notebook That was the worst movie ever! Why would anyone make a movie so depressing?!
Anyway, here are my favorite movies of all time:

1. My Big Fat Greek Wedding: It makes me laugh out loud every, single time. Remember when the aunt ever-so-seriously confides in her new relatives that she ate her twin? Or when her cousin reveals the bridesmaid dress and she recoils in horror? And how they misspelled the groom's parents' names on the wedding invitation?!
2. The Whole Nine Yards: This one makes me laugh out loud every single time, too. Especially the part where they are hiding out in the garage and he's sitting on the tires and he starts to slip off, but he's trying to play it cool and not make any noise. Ah ha ha ha!
3. Music and Lyrics: Gotta love a movie with a British guy in it! Plus the '80s music video is awesome! Plus it's just sweet.
4. My Fair Lady: While I must point out the Henry Higgins is kind of a jerk, this movie is beautiful! And Audrey Hepburn is beautiful!
5. Tombstone: It only takes 3 words to explain why this movie makes the list. "I'm your huckleberry."
6. Sound of Music: Touching storyline, historic setting, moving characters, lovely music, gorgeous scenery, Julie Andrews.
7. Pure Country: Ok, so this movie does not have a deep, moving plot and is at times poorly-acted (sorry, George). But it is a fun, feel-good movie. And I must remain loyal to my all time favorite celebrity, Mr. George Strait, lest I lose the title of #1 fan.

Anyone who wants to participate in 7 on the 7th is welcome. Just let me know and I'll send you the topic ahead of time.


jingles said...

My big fat Greek wedding: it’s a funny to make you laughter.

Bag Blog said...

Hmm, with very little thought going into this, here is my list: Silverado - a great western with some great actors and lots of fun. El Diablo - another western that few have seen, but makes me laugh. Always - romantic and funny. The Quick and the Dead - Another western with Sam Elliot. Pirates of the Caribbean - the first one.
Princes Bride
Anything with Cary Grant,
Gary Cooper or John Wayne.

Amanda said...

Oooh, maybe I should have added Princess Bride, too!

Amber said...

This is hilarious because I had a hard time coming up with any because I am just not a big movie person. But the only one I could think of that I really liked was The Notebook! HAHA

Michelle Pendlelton said...

The Music and Lyrics movie is the sweetest thing! At first, I didn't think that Hugh Grant and Drew would click. But hey, they did! I love the scene where Hugh welcomed changes in his routine, in his apartment and in his life. The moving of furniture was like how love moved him and changed him into a better person. =)