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Wednesday, May 4, 2011


Easter was a long time ago, wasn't it? I suppose I have been rather busy and rather not motivated lately and have let my blogging slip. So, a few weeks late: here's how we celebrated Easter.

Before church, he of course had an egg hunt. I wanted to buy cute matching Easter baskets for the child things, but as soon as the baby saw this football basket he reached for it, saying "ball ball ball!" So, we ended up with the tacky football basket. But oh well. At least his outfit was cute!

Once outside, Child Thing #1 raced around the yard picking up so many eggs that her basket overflowed and started leaving a trail of eggs behind her.

Her brother was not in much of a hurry, however. Every egg he picked up, he stopped to open it and check out its contents before putting it in his basket and searching for another. He certainly did not find as many eggs as his sister did. But he didn't really care.

In fact, he soon lost interest all together and decided he wanted to go for a swim instead.

I just love Easter! The egg hunting is fun, making the child things wear hats is fun, and for me it is truly a day of rejoicing over Christ's victory over death! I hope that everyone out there had an Easter as fun and blessed as ours was!

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Bag Blog said...

When my nephew was very little, he went to his first egg hunt. My brother had trained him to hunt eggs. It was embarrassing how many eggs he collected compared to the other kids who were not sure what to do. But it was very funny.

Your child things look so cute even if their baskets don't match.