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Tuesday, January 18, 2011

My Sleeping Baby

What is it about a sleeping child that touches my heart so much? Against the advice of the sleep experts, whoever they be, I rocked child thing #1 to sleep every night when she was a baby. And I so don't regret it. I loved snuggling with her as she fell asleep, and those days are over too quickly.Child Thing #2 never liked the rocking chair much, but sometimes I sneak in his room at night to check on him, and when I do, I admire how perfectly sweet he is when he dreams.

My sleeping children move me to pray, and I usually pray something like this:

Lord, I thank you for creating this child. He is formed so perfectly that his very existance brings honor to you, as our creator. And thank you for giving him to me; I love him so much. Thank you that I get to experience a parent's love...it is amazing. And now I know why you refer to yourself as our parent. I know that you love this child, too, and I ask your blessings over him. Bless every step that he takes every day of his life. Bless him with passions and interests and gifts that he can use to reach his full potential in your plan for him. Bless his relationships. Bless him with safety and with health. And bless him with salvation. As he grows, may he come to know and understand you and accept the salvation that you offer through the sacrifice of Jesus Christ.


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