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Sunday, September 19, 2010

The Friendship Bracelet

There are some days when I think my child things are going to drive me bonkers. But then there are days that they are so sweet they bring me to tears.

Case in point

Her: Mommy, I made a bracelet in Sunday School today.
Me: What a nice bracelet!
Her: It's for Thomas.
Me: That's very sweet, but are you sure you want to give it away?
Her: Yes, it's a friendship bracelet. The teacher said I should give it to my best friend. So it's for Thomas.
Me: sniff sniff sniff SOB sniff sniff


Jana & Widmar said...

Love this! I can totally understand the bonkers thing :) And then its the little moments. One of them will lean over and hug the other or give him a kiss on the cheek. They laugh at each other randomly or sit and read a book together. Tears come on my part, but not because I am going bonkers. In the midst of the chaos its hard to remember we are so blessed sometimes. Thank God for the little moments that remind us.

Amanda said...

You are exactly right, Jana!